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Hawaiian Plate: Choice of Kalua pig or laulau with lomilomi salmon, poke, chicken long rice,
sweet potato, rice or poi $7.00
Moloka'i Kine Plate: Kalua pig, laulau with lomilomi salmon, poke, chicken long rice, sweet
potato, rice, poi and macaroni salad $10.00
Plate Lunches: Hamburger Steak: Two Homemade patties with grilled onions and gravy $5.00
Shoyu Chicken: The thighs of course! Marinaded in our own special sauce
and then cooked until fall off tender $5.00
Kalua Pig: A generous portion of our kalua pork $5.00
Laulau: One of the biggest and tastiest pork laulaus $5.00
Grilled Salmon: Salmon is grilled and then topped with our lime and garlic sauce $6.00
Grilled Ahi: Fresh Ahi pan fried and topped with a sesame garlic soy sauce $6.00
Garlic Chicken: A garlic marinaded breast roasted and smothered in gravy $5.00
Boneless Pork Chop: Tender moist chop roasted and topped with gravy $5.00
***All plate lunches served with 2 scoops of rice and macaroni salad***
Seared Cajun Ahi Caesar: Fresh Ahi seasoned Cajun
Style, seared on top of Romaine and baby Greens tossed with Hamburger: Juicy homemade patty on onion bun$2.00
our own zesty Caesar dressing $7.00 Cheeseburger: Melted cheddar on patty on onion
Caesar: Not so classic caesar made with romaine and baby bun $3.00
greens and tossed with our zesty Caesar dressing $5.00 Chili burger: Spicy chili over cheeseburger $4.00
Topped with chicken or kalua pig $6.00 Fresh Ahi: Grilled Ahi with dill sauce on an
Oriental Chicken: Tossed greens with a tangy oriental onion roll $4.00
dressing, chicken breast and crispy won tons $6.00 Kalua Pig: Served on a croissant with
Tofu Watercress on Brown Rice: Chunks of tofu, barbecue sauce $4.00
tomato and onion with a shoyu sesame marinade $6.00 Ham & Cheese: Smoked ham and cheddar
Chicken spinach on Brown Rice: Chicken breast with on croissant $3.00
wilted spinach on brown rice $6.00 Turkey: Deli sliced on croissant $3.00
Veggie Pasta: Roast vegetables on cold pasta $6.00 Tuna Salad: Traditional tuna salad on
Shrimp Salad on Papaya: Chilled shrimp salad stuffed a croissant $3.00
in a ripe papaya half $6.00 Tuna Melt: Topped with melted cheddar on
Shrimp Salad on Greens: Chilled shrimp salad on a bed a croissant $4.00
of tossed mixed greens $6.00 Shrimp Salad: Tender bay shrimp prepared in
Fruit salad on papaya: Sliced fresh fruit cocktail stuffed our sauce on a croissant $4.00 in a ripe papaya half $6.00 Grilled Veggie: Marinated and grilled veggies
Tuna Salad: Cold tuna salad on tossed greens $6.00 on an onion bun $4.00 Pasta Salad: Marinated cold pasta $5.00
Macaroni Salad: The famous Local Food mac salad $2.00

Monday: Fresh Corned Beef and Cabbage; Pork and Peas; Roasted sweet and spicy chicken(really good)
Tuesday: Chicken Katsu; Sweet and Sour Pork; Lasagna with garlic bread and toss greens
Wednesday: Tripe Stew; Barbecue Pork Ribs(onolicious); Meatloaf
Thursday: Roast Pork; Fresh Fish Burrito; Roasted Chicken
Friday: Luau Stew; Spicy Teriyaki Pork
***All specials are $5.00 and come with 2 scoops of rice and macaroni salad unless specified***
Place delivery orders at 667-2882
Delivery Available 11:30 till 1:30
This menu effective May 7, 2001

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